Its amazing what a little lie can do to you. I was lying in bed, feeling like Shey had slept longer than usual, so I said “Shey, what are the numbers on the clock?” I always have to decipher after she tells me because she has yet to learn that we read left to right in America. But, she said “ten, three, nine.” So, I figured with the ten in there, it really did have to be ten thirty! I was so excited and feeling ready to get out of bed since I got to sleep in. I got up to check her numbers, and it was 8:39. “Shey, that’s an 8, not a 10!” “Oh, yeah. Sorry, Mom.” The minute of bliss was enough to make me fully wake up anyway, so I got up.
Then, the landlord is coming today at 1:30, so that gave me good reason to get up and get some things done around the house this morning. It has not yet motivated me enough to get my shower or do my laundry, but its only 11, so I still have a little time before Nigel comes home for lunch and sees I’m a horrible person.
I did play blocks with Shey, though, and playing with my three year old has to count for something. She destroyed my awesome castle and then destroyed my awesome city-scape. But, that’s okay.
So, pregnancy update: threw up today for the first time this time around. And it was because I ate lettuce on my sandwich. I couldn’t keep it down when I had Shey, but I craved it with Garrison, so we’ll see where this goes. I’ve also started having those pains where you look the wrong way and it feels like someone just reached into you and yanked on your ovaries as hard as they could. Some might think of these as bad signs, but I’m actually kind of grateful. I haven’t really felt pregnant yet, so I’m hoping there’s nothing wrong. Just 8 more months to go with these pains! 🙂
Well, off to take a shower, clean my shower, then do laundry. Go Team Mom!


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