Nigel got his job yesterday! I’m so excited for him. He was temping at Henry Schein and about two weeks ago they said “we’re getting rid of the two temp spots, but here’s two spots that are open for hire.” So, he applied for both, and ended up getting the one in another department. It pays $2.50/hr more than what he gets right now, so that is awesome and will give us a little more comfort zone in our budget. AND that means he has a real job. With benefits and overtime possibilities and paid days off… he’s officially an adult, which is awesome! And before he turned 30! 🙂
We celebrated by going to chili’s for dinner last night, his favorite, and he got me flowers yesterday. Not sure what I did to deserve them, but grateful for them nonetheless! I’m so proud of him working hard enough to get bumped up in the company.
It was such a huge relief, too, to know that we are going to be okay. It was a pass/fail type of thing, so I was worried where we would be in a month, but he did great. Now we’re just waiting for a storm to come, since we’ve had so much goodness and blessings in the last four months. We know trails must be arriving shortly, which is scary since Nigel will find out if he made it into grad school in the next 3 weeks AND we’ve got a pregnancy on the line, but keep our heads high and be grateful for the blessings we’re enjoying now, and the blessings that will come with any trials we’re asked to face, I guess.


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