Well, I realize that I was 99% sure I was pregnant. I took the test 4 weeks ago and have been sick ever since. But, I had to go prove it at the doctor’s office today for the insurance. Even though I was sure, I was so nervous sitting there in the waiting room. I didn’t stop holding my breath until the very end when she said “Okay, so we’re planning on October 7th.” I wanted to say “No, the 6th” but whatever. As long as there IS a due date at this point.
We will switch insurance this week so that hopefully next week I can start seeing Heather again and be comfortable with her midwifing skills. I really didn’t want to see anyone else for fear of the worse. If I could have it my way, I’d actually go see Laurie (the midwife that delivered Garrison) for the whole thing, but that’s quite a drive… especially if I was in labor!… being that she’s in Cedar and all.
So, we’ll go with Heather. My one regret is that the baby won’t be delivered at St. Marks, which is where I was born, but I guess the hospital doesn’t really matter. I can’t have my cake and eat it too, right?
The nurse gave me an “its a girl” mint on my way out… I think its a sign. This lil’ bebe is, I’m thinking, a girl. Little Kiah. Nigel really wants a boy, but I’m just feeling the girl thing. I hope, for Shey’s sake, that its a girl. I think that would be more fun for her. Plus, that would save me a lot of money on clothes, bedding, etc.!


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