…buy the matching purse!
okay, so that’s totally not me. but, i AM prepping for shey’s fourth birthday party. a year ago (the day after her princess party) she declared that she was going to have a shoe party for her next birthday. she has not dropped the idea. so, shoe party it is! i don’t know that anyone else has done a shoe themed party, since i can’t find any helps anywhere, but manipulating and adjusting other party games has given me a basic shoe themed party that i’m getting excited for!
these are the invitations. i got the idea off the internet, it wasn’t a self-design. they are supposed to hold a little bag of candies as a party favor or something, but i put the party info on the inside of the shoe and there you go… shey loves them, so that’s what is important, right?!
* original design by ellenhutson.com, also props to skiptomylou.org, which is where i got the template.


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  1. bloomiesblog says:

    by the way, i didn’t set up a studio or something to photograph these… its just on my coffee table. i’m not that intense! 🙂

  2. Kathy Fontano says:

    Do I get one of those invites or at least let me see one when I come… Can’t wait for the party and to kiss my four year old!!!

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