I made the most perfect pancakes this afternoon. Apparently, you’ve just got to have patience with them. Don’t set the temp so high, and just wait for them to brown. They were seriously so perfect I almost took a picture of them. I wanted to call someone and tell them, but I thought they would ask why I was eating pancakes at 2:30 in the afternoon. Which, my only response would have been “the same reason I ate a Salsbury Steak TV Dinner for breakfast.” I think it would bring up questions, or at least a call to a nutritionist! 🙂 I was just grateful I got something down! I’ve been definitely headed down the food aversion track this time, with not much I want to eat besides salt (tv dinners, top ramen), fruit, and popsicles. Well, whatever…. the pancakes were beautiful and despite not wanting them anymore by the time they were cooked, I ate them anyway and they were as delicious as they were beautiful.


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  1. bloomiesblog says:

    UPDATE: lettuce does not make me throw up this time. in february, i thought it had triggered the first vomiting, but i later found out (just a few days ago) it was the ham on the sandwich. i have happily eaten a salad this week with no side affects. and i am very, very happy about that!

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