yesterday was my birthday. i spent it getting violated by the midwife (aka pap exam), finding out how fat i really am, getting 7 HUGE BOTTLES of blood taken from me (okay, they were the little vials, but they seemed huge) and dealing with a 4 year old who hasn’t slept in four days. not my first choice on how to spend my 27th birthday, but what is? maybe a trip to hawaii or disneyland would have been nice. but, once you’re a mom it never goes away, I guess. that’s okay. some highlights of the day were taking Shey to the firehouse to see the trucks and the ambulance, taking her to the park with our friends from our ward, eating at a mexican restaurant that I found, which had really good chile relleno and fried ice cream, geting a cake decorating kit from Nigel and getting a gift card to Maurices from his parents, and watching Jungle to Jungle with Shey, who thought the boy was a girl the whole time and thought it was the funniest movie ever because of the slapstick humor. the best part of all, though, was getting to hear baby kiah or donovan’s heartbeat. i think i had been waiting since october to hear a second heartbeat in me. it was a great moment and meant so much more to me than any time before.
so, basically my birthday was great. another year older, probably not wiser, but that’s okay. according to Shey I am now old enough to play “spiders” with her, whatever that game may be.


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