this has been the craziest month of my life, I think! I never thought I could be so busy when I don’t even have to go to work! Thank goodness I didn’t, though, because it has seriously been a wild ride this month. We had Nigel’s allergic reaction that sent us to instacare and then to the ER the first weekend, Mak & Josh’s wedding the next weekend, Shey’s and my birthday the next week, and then Shey’s party and grandparents/amy visiting this last weekend. In addition to attending all of those things, I’ve made a dress for shey, made her a cake, made suckers for the first time, created a shoe themed party, cleaned my house a few times, worked on some school stuff with shey, actually been able to be a bit social, and had church lessons each week to prepare, and just a million more things. Well, the month is obviously not over yet, and there’s plenty more to take care of before it is, but that’s okay. I thrive on the stress, I think. But, here’s a few pictures of what’s been keeping us busy for the last little while.


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