I was reading an old friend’s blog today. She’s the kind of girl that makes you sick… she is gorgeous, has gorgeous kids, went on a mission, cooks and cleans and decorates perfectly, has chore charts and FHE charts, goes on cool vacations to places like Paris, takes wonderful pictures of all the loveliness around her, and to top it all off she keeps a perfect blog of all her perfect doings. Sometimes I wonder why there’s people like that on the earth, only to make the rest of us feel bad about ourselves. I’m pretty sure she has no flaws, and yet it would make me feel so much better to know if there was just ONE.
Why do I compare myself to her? Why should she be able to bring up these insecurities I have of myself and make me feel horrible? She doesn’t even know that ‘she’ is doing that to me!
I guess it makes me grateful to know that there’s an individual plan for EACH of us. I don’t have to be as good as her at anything. And maybe (just MAYBE) there’s something I’m better than her at. But, really that doesn’t matter either. Because this life is not a race. There aren’t limited seats in the celestial kingdom. The point is to get there, and to help others get there also. The more the merrier.
So, maybe that’s her job. Maybe by her being the perfect example I will try harder to be more like her, which is, I’m sure, to be more like the Savior, and will be able to build my mansion as far away from her as possible in the heavens… since hers will be cuter than mine! 🙂


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