Well, after perusing on KSL.com today, we found a Bumbo going for $5… so, we jumped on that as fast as we could. Only problem: its pink. Now I’m trying to find a way to cover it or paint it or something. That will be one of a few projects I have in mind for myself over the next few weeks. Looking forward to it, but hopefully it was worth it.
So, why the post title you might ask? Jody was the one who sold me the Bumbo. I think she got frustrated with me because we got lost (thanks, Google Maps… sometimes you suck). We went right when we were supposed to go left, which ended up adding about a half hour onto our trip down to Sandy. Jody texted me at one point and said “I’ve got to go to bed soon.” So I replied by saying I’d try again tomorrow. That’s when she started actually giving me good directions instead of vague ones. THEN, she felt bad for me getting lost, so she threw in a bunch of clothes! Not only did I waste her time and only pay her $5 for a Bumbo that she could have easily sold for $20, but then she threw more in for having to spend my gas money on driving all over Sandy!
An hour of driving and $5 later I’ve got a Bumbo, four name-brand onsies, five name-brand sleepers, and eight name-brand bibs. I definitely scored the jackpot! Now I just need to find a way to ‘pay it forward.’


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  1. bloomiesblog says:

    paid it forward, I think… after spending all that time making a cover for the bumbo, I ended up giving it to someone else because my fatty fat’s legs wouldn’t fit in the darn thing. not sure if its considered paying it forward when I couldn’t use the item anyway, but I’m gonna count it!

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