Well, I knew I hadn’t written in a few weeks, but I didn’t realize I had only written twice since I decided to start writing. I could have sworn there was three. Hmmn.
So, I don’t think I knew the last time I wrote that we are now staying here at the U for another year. Nigel switched to the MBA program, so we will now graduate in 2012. Its fine with me, though. And I got a couch out of it… Nigel and I bought a new leather couch with our tax return. It was 30% off at IKEA in their As-Is section. I was very excited. We then rearranged our living room about five times before deciding on a new look. We kept our other couch, too, so that we have more sitting space now, and I love it. We also got a new dining table from our friends when they upgraded, and I put up a lot more pictures on the walls when I knew I would be here for a while now.
Shey and Donovan have been sick this week. Donny’s first croupe experience on Saturday night and then Shey followed with one Monday night. They’re both still feeling under hte weather now, but hopefully soon they’ll be back to their normal crazy selves. Of course, the sickness didn’t keep Donovan from rolling over for the first time today! He hadn’t even tried as of two days ago, but started trying last night, and then really started trying today… now he’s done it about 5 times already.
Well, its time to post some pictures of my recent crafts.


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