I don’t know that I actually helped anyone (besides myself) today. But I started this morning by writing some emails to a few girls in the ward that I’ve been meaning to write to. I think it helped, actually. I was trying not to be focused on me and I think that Shey and Donovan and I had a better day today. That is… until dinnertime when I freaked out because I had a realization of just how fat I really am. Everything kind of went downhill, and I will admit that I was not proud of how I treated Shey tonight. She all of a sudden was driving me crazy, and looking back she probably wasn’t doing anything different… it was my attitude that had changed.
I thought of Nigel and after being so rude to him on the phone I wondered what I would do if he treated me the way I treat him sometimes. I don’t know how he puts up with me honestly!
I also didn’t watch any tv until tonight after the kids went to bed. I think that was probably a good thing, too, because I magically had more time to just be with them rather than them interrupting my ‘me’ time.
But what did I say yesterday… try a little harder to be a little better, right? So, I tried a little harder and a little bit of my day was better. Shall we go for a full day of kindness tomorrow?


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