So, Nigel surprised me this Mothers Day by getting me a Silhouette. It is amazing. I’ve already made him a card/envelope, a die (one dice) for our FHE game, and covered a baby food jar to hold our buttons. I’m seriously loving it. Not sure that I deserve it, but I’m so happy to have one… I’ve been thinking of making stuff for my parents’ shop??? Not sure what I would make, but thinking about it, anyway. Oh, and Shey got me a rose, a star shaped ice cube tray, and a bath scrubbie thing that has a suction cup on it so it’ll stick to the wall… three definitely good finds at the dollar store!
The rest of Mother’s Day was also good. I had to give the Relief Society lesson, and ended up having the spirit tell me at midnight the night before that what I had planned was not what I was supposed to say. So, totally freaked out, I went by the spirit, and it paid off, I think. I didn’t get to use my amazing handouts that I had spent hours on, but I think it was definitely a better lesson than I would have given by myself. I just hope this is not a regular occurrence because I was seriously having the ‘nervous pees’ all day! The lesson I ended up giving was basically that life is hard. Everyone faces trials. The gospel is our strength to get through those trials, and how that should be our motivation to help others know the gospel. And then it ended with the fact that as mothers, our biggest role is being missionaries to our children so that they will not have to suffer their trials alone. I’m pretty sure I cried through like 90 percent of it. It was crazy. But it was good to listen to the spirit and just go off that and not my own words.
The best part about Mother’s Day, though, which is the same as the best part of being a mother ANY day, is my kids. They are amazing. Sheylani is so smart and funny and sweet… I could not ask for a better daughter. Does she drive me crazy? Yes. Do I wait with anticipation for bedtime every day? Yes. But I love her more than anything. She has that attractor factor and I feel like everyone wants to be her friend. I hope and pray that she stays sweet and loving and uses that power in a good way. And that I don’t mess her up too much along the way. Her last day of preschool is a week from today, and she is so sad that she’ll miss her teachers. I know that she’s going to love kindergarten and I’m so excited for her to move on, but it is sad that my baby is growing up.
Garrison has been on my thoughts lately. I think because of Easter and the thought of Christ’s sacrifice so that I can and will raise Garrison in the next life, I’ve just been more grateful for him and for Christ since then. I can’t help but look at Donovan and wonder what Garrison’s hands would look like… or feet… or eyes. Even his personality. I sometimes wish I could just see him in a dream or something, but I don’t think that will happen because I don’t need it to happen to know he is okay.
And Donovan. What a stud. I don’t think I could be more in love with him if I tried, but he truly is an ornery child. I more often than not call him “Grumpy Gills” because if he’s not eating or sleeping or playing with Shey, he’s whining/crying. But his little smile is the best ever. And he has been kicking out some serious tricks this week: he turned seven months on Sunday, so I think he felt like he was old enough to get moving. He’s started (army) crawling, sitting up, and saying “mamamamamamama” just in the last three days. I can’t wait until he gets a little more mobile, and I’m hoping that will get him to be a bit less ornery, but really he is a good kid. His ‘bitter beer face’ is hilarious, and I think my favorite part about him is how much he loves Shey. They will just sit in their room and play together for an hour, and he gets so excited every time he sees her. It is so sweet, and I don’t assume these feelings will continue when they’re 12 and 16, but I sure hope they do.
So, Happy Mother’s Day to me with my beautiful family. And of course I owe it all to my wonderful, amazing mother who taught me how to be me. I have always been thankful for her, but now being a mom myself I have realized how truly grateful I should be/am for her and all her sacrifices she made for her kids. I look at my kids and think “wow, my mom really loves me this much?!” She’s amazing.


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