I realized that most of my recent posts have been kind of negative, or talking about my stresses. In reality, my life is good. I have been so blessed.
This weekend was so much fun. Friday was spent just hanging out at Wheeler Farm with Nigel, Shey, and Donny. We had a picnic, played in the water, played badminton/baseball with badminton rackets, and walked around the farm. Playing in the water with Shey was so much fun as we walked through the little stream. And there was a chicken that hung out around us. Shey named her Chicka and Donovan was MORE than excited to chase it around. We kept saying “bock bock bock” and he would say “ock” while following it around. He did that about three times and then wouldn’t do it again, so not sure if it was happenstance or not, but it was hilarious watching him chase that thing down. Just spending a relaxing afternoon with my family made me realize that they really do bring me such great joy. It was so nice to just be away from everything and everyone with no schedule or agenda. I wish there were more days like that, but I see why in that talk from conference the boy told his dad the favorite part of his summer was when they looked up at the stars together. There really is something about just spending quality time together with nothing else getting in the way that is almost magical, really.
I feel like I am constantly reminded that the gospel is true because of my family. My desire to reach eternal life is based on the fact that I can’t imagine not being with them someday. The realization that we each have an individual plan and that we are here for a purpose is found while holding my children and loving them and wanting to help them become amazing. Every fast and testimony meeting I reflect on my testimony and it always turns back to my family. Nigel’s willingness to follow what the Lord asks us to do, no matter what that may be. Shey’s love for the Savior. Donovan’s pure innocence. Garrison’s spirit, his existence, and every experience I’ve had because of him.
The other day Shey said to me “Mom, you should marry someone else. That way dad can’t bug you anymore.” I first felt bad that she recognized that I was frustrated with something he was doing at the moment, but I just told her “if I married someone else they would just bug me too. I chose dad to be my husband and I don’t want someone else.” And its true. Some days are harder than others, but when it comes down to it there is no one I’d rather be stuck with for eternity! 🙂 I know that most marriages aren’t made up of people who have found their one and only, but I really feel like I couldn’t be married to anyone else and be as happy as I am. Nigel is such an amazing father and husband and man. He blesses our home with his strong testimony, though it may be quietly shared at times, and I am so grateful for his strength.
And then there’s our extended family. When we were first married, Nigel referred to his parents/siblings as his ‘real family.’ Although I think he now refers to me and the kids as his real family, I know that he has such a great love for his parents and siblings, too. They have been such a tremendous help to us and bless us with their support. It is so good to know that even though we live so far away, I know that we are in their prayers and thoughts. And my family is just the same. I don’t know what I would do without my parents or Amy or my brothers. Having my mom preoccupied with the store right now is hard because I don’t talk to her as much as I’d like to, but I’m so grateful for when I do get to just chat with her. And I do know that they’re always there for me or my family, too.
I have truly been blessed with such wonderful support system. I don’t know what I’ve ever done to deserve such blessings in my life.


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We are a family of best friends. And this is a little bit of our story.

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  1. jackie bloomfield says:

    Thanks for sharing tender thoughts, miss you all
    love jackie

  2. kathy Fontano says:

    You are part of our REAL Family too and I am so grateful for you!

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