Its been a while since I’ve updated pictures of the kiddos. So, here’s some recent shots of them in every day life:

We’ve got Shey playing dress up with her baby brother,

Shey making her first peach pie,

Donovan just being Donovan,

playing at Liberty Park in the water,

and Shey just being Shey.

I know… I have the cutest kids in the world!


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We are a family of best friends. And this is a little bit of our story.

2 responses »

  1. jackie bloomfield says:

    soooo cute, thanks for posting them, we miss you all, and look forward to seeing you all soon,
    love jackie

  2. kathy Fontano says:

    Well, I am sure Jackie and I agree that those are pretty darn cute kids! Loved the pix… so excited to hear you are coming down in a couple of weeks. I am so looking forward to it! Love you!

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