Well, I’ve been inspired to get my house in order by a blog called “a bowl full of lemons”:

My friend, Teresa, said “your house already is organized. I don’t know how you could organize it any more.” But, she doesn’t see any of the behind the scenes stuff that drives me crazy on a daily basis. Finding out that we would be living in this small space for another two years, I decided I needed to get it to a more permanent situation where I could feel comfortable and not claustrophobic-feeling.
Of course, despite the blog’s suggestion to 1. go slow, and 2. one project at a time, I dove in and started doing everything all at once. I don’t know if she’d approve at all, but we’re going for it anyway… her 21 day challenge is going to be our 7 day challenge. And I don’t think I’ll actually get it all done in 7 days, so it probably will end up being a 21 day project. BUT its going, anyway. And it included a total ‘babyproofing revamp and furniture rerrangment’ as well. So my house was torn up for a few days and is now livable again. Hopefully we can get it looking decent soon!
Here’s a preview of things to come:

We rearranged furniture, which meant I had to move pictures. Being in cinder block walls it is hard to map out what you want because you have to hit the grooves or use a power tool to drill giant anchors into your wall. So, we went with grooves. But Nigel got sick of holding up all my pictures to see what would look good, so I said “well, I could size them all in photoshop and map it out on there.” I was joking, but Nigel started taking pictures of everything and so I did it. My biggest stress was resolved in a half hour and they are now up on the wall, looking quite similar to this photoshop rendition. I’d highly recommend this for anyone. It was a fun/easy way to get it done. (PS the red dots are where the hooks on the back were so that I knew where to place them.)
So, until I have some good “after” pictures in my low budget extreme home makeover, you can just look forward to some amazing reveals coming up soon!


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  1. Caryn says:

    Hey I am stalking you!! LOL jk I figured I would check fb and see if you posted a link for you blog. Well low and behold 🙂 Yay! By the way your pictures are so darn cute, the kids are getting so big!

  2. kathy Fontano says:

    Hey, the pictures look great – infact your house looked darling with the new furniture and cute arrangements. Very nice!

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