Well, I’m on day two of being second counselor in the relief society presidency. I have never experienced anything like this before. I don’t know if it is just because I’m older and more mature or if I actually have a greater responsibility this time, but the weight of the world has been on my shoulders for the last week (since I found out about the call). It has been so amazing… this feeling of responsibility of the welfare of these sisters. I know I’m not the president, but I feel so strongly that I now play such an important role in raising these sisters up. I have felt that a little bit as I’ve been teaching this last 9 months. Every time I taught, I felt like it wasn’t just my job to share the information in the manual, but to really connect with the sisters and to help better their lives and inspire them to be great. It has been magnified so much this week as I wonder what my calling will entail and how I can help bring each of these sisters closer to Christ.
It was interesting to see the other counselor and the secretary yesterday… it seemed as though the were excited for the title and thought it would be so fun to be in the presidency. Others, too, gave congratulations yesterday at church and called us superstars and whatnot. All is fun to laugh and joke but I feel quite the opposite. My title is more embarrassing than anything else. I wish I could be the counselor in secret so no one would assume that I love them only because I have to. I think it is a good thing that the counselor and secretary are more light hearted like that because I don’t want to be in this depressed, worry filled state with the president, but part of me wonders if it is the age difference or if I really do have a greater calling than just preparing the activities for the girls.
My setting apart blessing was given by the bishop and it was amazing. It was nothing short of a miracle as the bishop spoke the words of my heart and I was once again aware of just how important this calling will be. Not for me but for the sisters I have been asked to help.
We started our calling with one of our sisters finding out she had failed the bar exam for the 5th time. She was devastated, as you can imagine, and we went to her house after church yesterday and just cried with her. It was amazing to feel that love for her and to have a perfect knowledge of Christ’s love for her.
All week I wished that Laura wouldn’t have asked for me… that I could just keep teaching. The feelings I had as the bishop set me apart made me realize that although this heartache will not go away, it is a good heartache,and a calling I’m so excited to fill.


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  1. jackie bloomfield says:

    Hi Laura,
    You have been prepared for this calling throughout your life thus far. You have had some life experiences that will strengthen and help others, as well as yourself and your family.
    Remember who this call came from. It wasn’t Laura.
    Enjoy this time in your life to be able to share your gifts with others in this wonderful calling!
    Im so looking forward to hearing from our general RS presidency this Saturday, they are inspired.
    We support you, and pray for you and your family daily!
    love jackie

  2. kathy Fontano says:

    Jackie is so right, this call has come from Heavenly Father and you will be amazed how you will feel his hand in the things you do and say as you follow the spirit. I am so proud of the way you are so willing to serve… I know you will do a pleasing job for Heavenly Father and that you will grow in this calling!
    I never thought I could be in a RS presidency or be a RS president but I was overwhelmed by how many things I was able to do for the Lord because he needed them done. You will be a great blessing in the lives of these sisters because you are being blessed with that special, unconditional love for those you are serving… Love MOM

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