Well, since my previously mentioned calling began I feel like I have had absolutely no leftover time for things like blogs and crafts and “me”, essentially. But I have been loving it. And I feel like things are calming down a bit as well. So, actually having a bit of time today I thought I’d sit down and do a bit of updating on here.
First lets start with the most important… my family. Donovan is crazy. He just fell off the table today, fell off the bed a week ago, and nothing seems to stop that kid from climbing! After choking on a chip about a month ago, I have come to the realization that it would not be the last time that I would worry about him dying in this life. He is just going to be one of those daredevils and drive him mom crazy with fear. But he is so dang adorable. He now waves hi/good bye and says “eye” (not sure if its hi or bye). He says cookie (think lamaze breathing ‘e’ sound x2). He says uh-oh (with a 3 second pause between the uh and the oh). He signs thank you and does hand movements to itsy bitsy spider. And he is walking more and more, though he still prefers to crawl. He is nearing my favorite age and is almost cute enough to make me want another… ALMOST!
Shey is doing amazing at school. She is one of the top readers in her class and amazes me at the words she sounds out while driving in the car or looking at books… don’t get my praising wrong… she is not a genius (THANK GOODNESS), but I’m so grateful she’s ‘getting it.’ She is still loving to draw and color and sticker and stamp and make cards… and lucky neighborhood kids get special deliveries on a daily basis. She is even making chore charts and games for some of them now. I know what my mother is thinking “Laura, Jr.” I know, I know. She is a great big sister and just yesterday she said to me “Mom, I’ll watch Donovan so you can take a shower and have a break.” Oh, bless you child!
Nigel is doing well in school. We are really trying to focus on his grades so that we can get a job when he’s done. He was disappointed in getting an A- in the class that he just finished up, but considering most of the other kids were hoping for C’s, I say he’s doing awesome. He is looking into a different career path, going into operations, and I remember him telling me during orientation that 90% of the kids were going into operations, so he’s gotta keep up in order to beat them out! He is the EQ Secretary and LOVES his calling. Doing the organizing and behind-the-scenes stuff is totally his forte.
I’m doing well, despite what may have sounded like a negative intro to this post. I really do love my calling, and I’m just trying to focus on being who I am and allow the Lord to fill in the gaps. I have actually started to really enjoy the other sisters in the presidency. The President, Laura, has always been a great friend, but the other two I was a bit worried about in the beginning. I think they are amazing and have strong personalities that I had to get over feeling intimidated by, but now I think they are so great. It will be a good year to serve with them.
So that’s the fam. The other thing I need to update is my crafting. Like I said, I have not done things recently, but I did make a few cute things yesterday…
This was for my friend Laura. She loved my sunshine boards, but sings this song to her little girl, so I made it for her room.

A play on the “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters. Saw this on a blog and loved it. She had a leaf on top but I wanted something a bit fancier like the original crown.

And a little something to put by my bed to remind me of Pres. Uchdorf’s talk at RS Meeting this last conference.


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  1. Caryn Ramirez says:

    Your crafting is freaking awesome!! I have all these ideas and just never do anything! I am glad you are doing well. Does your husband love school? I mean he seems to always be in school! LOL I hate school!! Cant wait to be done! Thats awesome about your calling, I am sure like you said everything will just fall into place. I miss you!

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