Well, I’m not gonna lie… since my dad has been sick for a couple of weeks it has made me start thinking about the time in the hopefully very distant future when he won’t be there anymore. I figure that at that point my mother will come live with me. Maybe by then we will be able to afford a house with a mother in law suite out back. Maybe not.  Either way, I do hope that my mom lives at least close by when that does happen.  I would love to be her support into her later years in life.

I love my parents so much.  Despite my early childhood thinking that “when I have kids I’m never making them go to their room or clean up their toys… or I’ll let my kids play with whoever they want and sit by their friends in church and buy stuff from the ice cream man…”  I have come to realize even more now that I am a mother myself, how much I truly appreciate her and everything that she has done for me.  Even with my own kids, I cannot fathom how many restless nights she had, how many prayers were said and tears were shed, how much patience she had while we were sick or whiney or had school projects to finish last second.

And then there’s all the good that she did for us, too. I think of my parents often during the Christmas season as I try to incorporate many of my favorite traditions with my little family.Twelve days for us, twelve days for others, batches upon batches of fudge… and so many more.  I love that they instilled in us not just a Christmas day celebration, but really the whole season of giving and doing good.

Beyond that, I don’t know how she managed to even have Christmas for each of us every year.  The gifts, the WRAPPING of the gifts, the planning and food making and everything to make us happy. And it did.  My parents did an amazing job and I’m so impressed by what they were able to do despite the ups and downs of finances and moving and just life in general.

Today I was making a snack for Donovan after his nap and I got him some Ritz and remembered that we had mini marshmallows… of course I had to nuke me some together and remember that if my mom does end up living with me someday, I’m sure we will be eating Ritz and Marshmallows on a regular basis!  And to me, that will be divine.


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  1. kathy Fontano says:

    I am ready for the Ritz… I think it would be divine also. Thanks for all the sweet things you said. I am glad to know that some of our efforts were appreciated as far as traditions go. We never got to do everything we hoped but to know that you are carrying on some of these activities means everything. You are an awesome mom… keep up the good work!

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