We decided to go on a financial fast this last week (Monday to Monday)… no money spent for a whole week.  Ironically, it meant spending more money this week than we have spent in a LONG time!  We were getting out of the car yesterday after church and realized that the metal rim of our wheel was sticking through our tire!  I’m amazed and feel so blessed that we did not have a blowout!  Nigel had to drive down to Draper this morning for an interview, but he was able to make it down there and back, and then headed over to Discount Tire, where they gave him a great price on tires, but it was still very frustrating to spend that much money when we were trying to be so good.  Other than rent and diapers (which we thought we had another package of, but ended up out of them by Thursday) our week was 100% money-spending free.  Its amazing how hard it was to not eat out, but really it was a great feeling to see the Lord’s hand in our goal, even if it was a simple one.

We were nearly out of milk by Saturday.  Nigel remembered we had rice milk containers in the pantry and got those out to use.  But while Home Teaching on Sunday his family offered him a gallon of milk because they had too much and it was going to go bad before they could use it!  Our gatorade for Donovan somehow had a “loaves and fishes” feel as it lasted until today, as well.

Little things came up that I could have spent money for, but making the choice not to… we found ways around spending. So I know that we ended up buying a few things, but they were all definite NEEDS and not WANTS. (Which, when we were having our FHE about saving money last week, I asked Shey to list a want and her first response was “a new baby sister.” classic.)

At the beginning I wondered if you are allowed to fast with things other than food.  Now, looking back, I think you are.  We gave up a lot of things this week in order to be more financially responsible and teach Shey about saving.  We gave up our FAVORITE things, which I think is a greater offering than my grumbling through missing a few meals on Fast Sunday.  All in all I think it was a great experience and I think we’ll do it again… someday!


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    I found you! YEAH!

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