I feel like life just went from being so jam packed with a billion things to do… to wondering what to do with all my free time.  I mean, I am SO GRATEFUL Halloween is over, but I feel like I’m in the eye of the storm, as I know Christmas stress is just around the corner!

Well, in a moment with nothing to do, I felt like I should post some Halloween pictures of my beautiful children.

They are so adorable.  I mean, I guess I’m a little bit biased, but seriously I’m ridiculously in love with my children.  Do I love every minute of being a mother?  Absolutely not.  There are definitely way more bad moments than good, but if the amazing moments weren’t so far and few between then I’d probably take them for granted.  I love hearing my children laugh, I love cuddling with them in bed on a Saturday morning and tickle-fighting and playing ‘guess the magic word (in which Donny’s first guess is ALWAYS “happy amy!” yelled at the top of his lungs) all morning long.  I love hearing them play and laugh together.  I may have cried on Halloween when I dropped Shey off for school because I was just so happy for her that she was going to have such a fun day.  She was so excited to be a unicorn and I was so happy to make that dream come true for her, no matter how simple/silly it was.  I just… love my kids.


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