After almost three years, I’ve finally changed my background!  Thanks to my husband, Nigel, who has recently joined the blogging world, I now know how to change my theme!  I like this one a bit better… seems a bit less gloomy than the last one.  Thank goodness for husbands… without them I’d have no handyman, no tekkie, no babysitter, no garbage man, no support, no date to Christmas parties, and no happiness.  (aw!)  Of course, those things come with a price (action movies, laundry, hamburgers, nascar…).  But its probably worth the trade.  At least that’s what he keeps telling me! 🙂


About bloomiesblog

We are a family of best friends. And this is a little bit of our story.

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  1. I didn’t know we were going to any Christmas parties this year. I also want to set the record straight that I do not watch nascar.
    I like the new format and style of your blog. Thank you for giving me the idea to start my own.

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