After five months of being in this apartment I FINALLY got the rest of my pictures hung.  I don’t know if there’s such a thing as nesting before you get a huge calling, but if there is, then I was doing it.  I had no idea my calling was coming, but for some reason I stepped up my game last week, and then mid-week I found out that as of yesterday I would be the new RS President in our ward.  How do I feel about that?  I’m not really sure just yet.

I think the part I was most excited about was the mantle of love that comes with being in the presidency.  It was a hard thing to lose six months ago after being released as second counselor, and I was really looking forward to having it back.  I’ve been surprised, though, at how much stronger it even is as the president.  It is just such an overwhelming love that makes you feel so close to the Savior.  That’s the part I’m excited about.

The part I was deceived on was the thought that because I was the RS Pres, I would start acting more righteous.  My life would be easy because I would need time to help others, and my children would be angels because I cannot yell at them since I need to set an example for the women of my ward.  Well… not sure how long its been since I yelled at my kids so much.  It has just been one of those weeks.  I am having a special visit from AF at the moment and that’s not helping ANYONE, but still… just because I have pains doesn’t mean I need to be one.  Tell that to my hormones, though!  Oh, well.  I guess life doesn’t become magical just because you have a calling.  I guess it wouldn’t be fair since only one sister in each ward gets that calling… plus we’d all start campaigning for the position if it came with perfect children!

Anyway, back to the pictures… I hung the rest of my pictures up last week and one in the bathroom that has a mat for 4 pictures and I put vinyl on it that says “we are a family of best friends.”… my favorite quote.  Partly because it is a quote from my daughter when she was two.  LOVE IT.  So I felt like I needed to get it on the wall, but I haven’t been able to print the pictures that will go in it yet because we’re out of blue ink.  So Shey came in this morning (a week after hanging it) and says “mom, you know that picture in the bathroom… what is that yellow stuff supposed to be?”  Well the yellow stuff is from painting the mat yellow to match the decor in the bathroom and using the paper from the frame to paint on because I was too lazy to use something else.  So she has been spending the last week wondering what my beautiful artwork was supposed to be, when it was merely a product of my laziness.  The question is… how long will said laziness just have to pass as abstract art?  I’m not a betting woman, but if I were I’d probably put my money on January.


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  1. I “liked” this post. Then I realized I was signed in under your name. Liking your own post is like giving yourself a high five in public.
    So I “unliked” as you and “reliked” it as me. It’s OK if your husband likes you in public.

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