Yesterday was Shey’s birthday party.  To say this girl is spoiled is beyond a total understatement. Shey has always asked for interesting themes, but this year was unicorns.  They seem pretty popular right now, so I thought I would be able to find stuff related to them for her party… no such luck.  Creativity necessary.

So, they ate lunch (uni-corndogs) after decorating cups (they had paper inserts in a clear water bottle) with unicorn/princess/knights/wizards stickers I found on Oriental Trading, and after coloring “happy birthday” banners to decorate the walls, then we played our games.  There was a unicorn race where they rolled the giant color die with the parachute and whichever color landed up, that color team got to move forward a number.  First to seven won, and it happened to be Shey and Koji.  Then, they took their teammate and wearing shower caps I put shaving cream on their heads and they tossed bugel chips at each other to catch the horns on their head.  The kids loved this!  I thought it was pretty funny, too!  There was a treasure hunt that was searching for all the magical parts of the unicorn that the evil witch stole.  Amy dressed up as a witch so they were running away from her, but the invisibility spray I sprayed on them (aka glitter hair spray) would protect them if they were quiet so she wouldn’t know where they were.  They defeated the witch, who melted away, and won their own unicorn horns (unicorn spiral suckers) each for returning the magic to the castle. Then a unicorn pinata worked out great, as each kid got two hits, shortest to tallest, and the final kid broke it, so everyone got a turn.  Then, cake and ice cream and dance party and presents.  2 1/2 hours of insanity, but it was so much fun!  A lot of ideas were pulled from other party websites and kind of just made my own.  But I love to put these parties together despite how much work goes into them.

There were two things that made it all worth it, though… Shey was sitting with her friends near the beginning of the party and she said to them “my mom worked so hard on all of this stuff… it took her a lot of time to do it all.”  Just that acknowledgement made me feel awesome.  How often do we hear our kids being proud of us?  I may not be the cool mom on a daily basis, but I’ll take what I can get!  Then, last night she was going to bed and said “Mom, that was the BEST birthday party EVER.” I’m glad she had fun, and I have fun stressing over it.

I was most proud of her cake… which actually the kids weren’t very impressed with.  I made cake pops all different colors and filled the cake with them, so the cake was polka dot on the inside.  Then, I attempted a new fondant recipe, and it was not professional by any means, but it wasn’t horrible either.  I was happy with it.  It helped that I covered the outside with ribbons so the blemishes were not so visible.  I thought putting a Schleich (toy) unicorn on top was a cop-out, but that was the part the kids thought was awesome was that she got to keep the toy after.  I guess I did something right!

So, that was our party.  Pretty sure I spent more time on that than my own wedding reception, but I really do enjoy the planning of it all.  And most importantly, I have a beautiful seven year old girl that I love dearly, who is amazing and brilliant and clever and creative and wonderful.  She drives me crazy on a daily basis, but I wouldn’t trade her for the world. I am so proud of her and the sweet girl that she is.  I can’t believe its been seven years since she came into our lives and changed them for the better.  Love you, Bee!


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  1. caryn says:

    I love this! Isn’t it great how we stress out over everything and the kids really don’t care they think anything and everything is fun. This year we are going to be taking it easy last year was way too much and now with 3 I’m not quite sure I can handle all the stress of it all. So a simple bowling party for us.

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