So, we’re buying a house!  Actually this will be the third house that we are putting an offer on, but third time’s the charm, right?  The first house was cute, but a major fixer-upper that we realized we would not be able to afford fixing up.  The second house was amazing and perfect, but more expensive than we would have liked.  This third house is actually quite like the second house, just a tiny bit smaller in that the split level doesn’t have a fourth bottom level.  I actually might even like this one better because there will be NO stairs to take groceries in.  Thank the heavens above!  There is unfortunately no garage, but there is a six foot tall massive storage “crawl space” under the whole first level, so storage shouldn’t be a problem.  Maybe someday we can add a one car garage.  It is also just around the corner from the elementary school, and there are a million kids in the neighborhood.  I’m really looking forward to this next step and to get to learn what being a Tremontonian is all about.

Here it is... very cute, I think!

Here it is… very cute, I think!


This is the back yard… you can’t see from this picture, but the corner is an awesome drip-system garden area, and then that swing set area has bark under it, and then next to that is a big sandbox.  Donny will be in HEAVEN!


Bedroom #2 upstairs… I love the little window nooks in the bedrooms.


Bedroom #3 upstairs. Can you see the bead-board detail on the wall?  Its super cute!


Dining area, with sliding door to backyard.


Basement bath.  Nigel is most excited about the doorless shower.


Living room


Living room from reverse angle.  I really like the openness.




Kitchen and dining area from other direction.


That  is the door to the driveway… quick grocery access… no more ‘around the building and up three flights of stairs’ for me!


This is the living room as you enter the front door.


Living room from another angle.


And again from another angle.


Closet and stairs in living room.


Master bedroom. My bed will actually go on the other wall, and that is how she has hers now, too. (that door is to the hallway)


Walk in closet.


And the master bath.

Sorry, no pictures of the crawl space or the other bathroom upstairs.  I think I got too excited and forgot to photograph in this house.  Most of these are from the website… I took like three and got distracted.  (the other houses I looked at got PLENTY of pictures just so I could say “look at this craziness, Nigel!”)

There is also an unfinished bedroom in the basement that we plan to get done, (its already framed and insulated, it just needs sheet rock and finishing) making it a four bed/three bath little cutie of a house. We’re excited!  It should be a perfect little house for the four of us!


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5 responses »

  1. Nova Keller says:

    This is so cute!!!! I hope everything goes fast and they don’t keep you waiting forever. I love the back yard.

  2. Laura says:

    So fantastic! We are super excited for you.

  3. MOM says:

    darling… can’t wait to see you in it!

  4. This could make Tremonton livable.

  5. bloomygirl says:

    Congratulations!!!! It looks super nice and that back yard is totally awesome.

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