This week I have especially been noticing that Shey is a lot of things that I am not…

Shey is smart.  I mean, much smarter than I was at her age.  Nigel was reading scriptures and at the end she summarized the whole story for us and told us what came next in Alma the Younger’s life.  I probably still couldn’t do that, in fact. She is also smart in educational things.  Her stories and her art and the way she plays her make-believe… I’m amazed at how creative she is.

Shey is giving.  She has been earning money this summer doing chores.  Every time we’re at a store she offers to buy things for me (like groceries).  She gives up a lot of stuff to Donny, too.  Sometimes because I make her, but she surprises me sometimes when she freely offers up part of her cookie or a toy.

Shey is brave.  I took her to her first day of school at McKinley Elementary today.  I was nervous for her.  I know too well what it feels like to be the new kid… and I’ve never grown out of being afraid to introduce myself to others or reach out to make friends.  Shey seemed a little nervous, but more excited than anything else this morning as I dropped her off…  I cried the whole walk home.  I went and picked her up after school and she talked the whole way home about how at recess she just walked around by herself, how the girl in her class at church ‘just didn’t notice her,’ how she almost made a friend, but he doesn’t really play the same way she does, so they didn’t play together… none with sadness or fear to return tomorrow.  She just keeps her head up and is ready to face tomorrow.  I hope she makes a friend soon.  I will probably just continue to cry for her until that happens.

Shey is amazing.  I love her.  She drives me absolutely crazy, but she has so many amazing characteristics and I am so proud of her.  She is such a beautiful girl inside and out, and I couldn’t ask for more in a child.

Love you, bee…





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  1. MOM says:

    Amen to that mom… Shey is amazing! and now I am crying because I love you both so much! You were and are everything to me that Shey is to you!

  2. jackie says:

    Thanks for the updates. Shey and Donovan are growing up, great to see them!
    Exciting to be going to a new school, Im sure she will befriend others, she has that way about her, its a gift!

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