So I went to pull pictures off the camera of Shey’s first day of school and I realized that I haven’t posted pictures at all this year.  So, if you want to brave them, then here you go:


I wasn’t kidding! Here is Shey’s cake from her birthday party back in March… obviously unicorn themed party as the child doesn’t think about anything else!


Shey and her BFF, Gabi… showing off their unicorn horns.


Shey’s team for the unicorn horn throw! (they had shaving cream on their heads and their team mates had to toss bugles to get them to stick in the foam)


The other half of the unicorn horn throwers.


Amy was our resident witch for the treasure hunt…


The awesome surprise in the cake was polka dots.  Apparently I was more proud of myself for doing it (thank you pinterest) than the kids were about seeing them.  They were not all that impressed.  I don’t know how I feel about my kids growing up in a society where polka dot cake doesn’t get any type of reaction… goes to show we’re out of control!


Shey and Koji after her party.  Koji’s sporting the beanies that the boys got to take home as their favor (their unicorn manes!)


Shey rockin’ her birthday outfit, along with her birthday gift bows and balloons from the party.


Donny and Daddy cheesin’ it up!


We went to a gymnastics meet for Shey’s birthday.  Go Utes!


My stylish kids at the Hogle Zoo.


Just hangin’ out with the giraffes.


Sitting on the elephant at the zoo… I think for the first time in the three years we went!


Shey and Donny fell asleep together one night.


And Donny fell asleep on a chair… one of those RARE times where you realize your kid has been awful quiet in the other room and it was actually a good thing!


Swimming in the court with his buddies.


Don’t ask… although to his defense, this had DID belong to a boy.


The kids favorite spot to hang out after I started packing the kitchen.



Shey’s field trip to Red Butte Gardens.


Donny was spoiled this year getting to go on all the first grade field trips!


Donny and Dice on the motorcycle.


Crazy hair day at school.



Donny and Mom went to Wheeler Farm to ride the tractor and see the animals.




Shey and Donny like their towel hair like Mommy’s!

P1020902First snow cones with the new machine.  Happy Father’s Day, Nigel!


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  1. MOM says:

    Loved all these pics… have a picture of Pete on a chair asleep just like Donny’s… also couldn’t get over the crazy hair day – she must have won the prize!

  2. jackie says:

    Adorable pictures! Its been a full year already with a wonderful unicorn party, unique games there that I never heard of before, nor had I seen a polka dot cake, very impressive! Great job Laura, you are way talented, you are THE party planner!
    Im sure Donovan will continue his field trip travels with Shey this year too. How fun for you all!

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