Okay, so there is just one photo I’m going to put up this week… and here it is:

blackieBEFOREWe’ve been {seriously} looking for a dog for a week or so, and this little guy has been at the Davis County Animal Shelter.  Initially this picture was not making me jump out of my seat for the opportunity to bring him home with us, but then I looked through his description and saw that he is a mini schnauzer.  If you don’t know what a mini schnauzer looks like… this isn’t it!  THIS LINK will show you the mini schnauzer’s wiki page, which is probably the standard look for this breed.  So, I decided we needed to go look at this dog, because if we got him groomed I knew there might be a cute dog under all that fur.

So, we enter the Animal Shelter and the lady in the lobby says ‘go down the hall and through the double doors.’  We head down to this room full of scary, barking dogs in kennels.  None of them are Blackie (this dog’s name).  There were plenty of pit bulls and shepherds and big, scary dogs, but no little Blackie.  So, we’re headed out the door, disappointed that he wasn’t there anymore, when I look up and realize we are in the wrong room.  We are in the strays area and we needed to go into a connecting room that was the ‘adoption’ area.  This room is full of chihuahuas, labs, poodles… it was a much nicer room to be in.  Even though some of these dogs were barking at us, too, I wasn’t feeling threatened for my life!

On left side of the room about three kennels down I see two dogs in a cage together.  One is definitely a mini schnauzer, and she’s yapping her head off.  The other dog, sitting quietly through all the commotion, is NOT the dog you see pictured above.  They had already gotten him groomed and he is ADORABLE! We asked them to let him out so we could see him for a minute, and as we were in a small separated room with him for about 20 minutes, his favorite thing to do was stay right by me and snuggle in my lap.  He was so sweet, so soft, and so cute.  He melted my heart a bit, I’m afraid.  So, we signed the papers…  he just has to be neutered tomorrow and then he’s all ours!  We are up for suggestions of names as we cannot all agree on one as of yet {although we all agree that Blackie is not really what we want to call him}.

I’ll be sure to post his ‘after’ pictures when we get him home, but until then you’ll just have to live with the anticipation! 🙂


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2 responses »

  1. Amy Morris says:

    Call him Blackie!!!!!! Please!

  2. jackie says:

    Very Cute! How old is he, and is his “house trained”? I agree with you on not naming him Blackie, that works about as well as Whitie. Youll come up with an original name, something that fits him and that your children can pronounce! Looking forward to seeing him all cleaned up, he does look happy!
    love jackie

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