1. Donny had his first turn teaching the lesson for FHE tonight… first I taught my lesson, which included a game of Duck, Duck, Goose.  I don’t think he’s ever played it before, but all of us had a very fun time running around and being very silly.  So, after I was done Donny got out the Preach My Gospel book and started on his lesson.  He taught us a new game that I would probably call Duck, Duck, Duck.  We all sat in a circle, and he said Duck while patting our heads, similar to the previously mentioned game.  Then, the last time he called Duck, that person had to stand up and swim away (across the room).  I was impressed that he had figured out his own game to play with its own rules, even though they didn’t quite make sense.  So, after we each had a turn swimming away, he looked sad and said “where have all my ducklings gone?!”  Then he swam to us and said “oh, there you are my ducklings!” and gave us a big hug.  It was pretty funny.  Next was the lesson part… sitting on the couch with his book in hand, he taught us about some ducks that swam away from Jesus and then came right back to him.

In reference to the most recent general conference when they talked about how it doesn’t matter what is said, but rather what you hear, I thought that Donny’s lesson was actually quite deep.  We can always return to Jesus… he will always accept us back if we repent.

2. Earlier today I was asking the kids things they were grateful for because I have a little advent wreath that I’m writing thankful things on this month.  Donny’s first answer right off the bat was baptisms.  A few weeks ago Nigel’s FHE lesson was on the 3rd Article of Faith and he had a bowl of water, added the food coloring (sin), and then cleaned the water again with bleach.  He talked about how baptism and repentance makes us completely clean again.  Donny loved his ‘magic trick’ and the next week when Shey’s lesson for FHE was on the fourth article of faith, Donny totally referenced the ‘magic trick’ when baptism was brought up again.

I am so impressed by the things he is learning and how he is growing.  He definitely learns in his own way, but it is happening, and I am so grateful for him, and for Shey, and the things they teach me daily.


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  1. MOM says:

    #1 how great it is that you are teaching your children so well
    #2 how even greater it is that they are listening and applying
    #3 what a smart little whipper-snapper that Donny is! Amazing

  2. jackie says:

    I agree with your mom, great parenting!

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