Everyone is in love with their own kids, right?  And everyone else has to pretend that they care when listening/watching/reading about every little cute thing you post about them.  Well, I figure you are choosing to read my blog, so you get to put up with it once again!  Here are some recent videos of my kids (whom I find hilarious and adorable) You’ll notice a common theme of  dancing…they get that from their father, I think.  They are ALWAYS dancing, music optional.  But their moves are hilarious!  Donny is a wannabe break dancer and I think Shey wishes she could be on Broadway. They definitely keep me on my toes, too! 🙂

 Also… I almost forgot!  Pictures from Halloween!!!


Our pumpkins:  left to right, Nigel’s, Mine, and Shey’s.  Donny didn’t want his cut, which was just fine with us since we did about 95% of the work on Shey’s, too!


And… in the dark!


Cutest Hello Kitty ever!  Thanks to my visiting teacher who sewed the button holes for me, we got her costume done two days before Halloween!  Cut it close this year!


I’m not always the cute mom, so I surprised Shey at school with a little Halloween Lunch!  She loved it!


Close up of the menu…


Donny’s first spoonful of peanut butter… makes a mother proud!


Pretty sure this was his favorite day of his lifetime… he loved being able to dress up as Captain America all day long!


Ready for some trick-or-treating!

P1030165And a little super hero with his hero daddy!


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2 responses »

  1. Kathleen Fontano says:

    Well you know grandma would think these videos were hilarious and adorable!  Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. bloomygirl says:

    Awesome videos! These guys crack me up!!

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