So, we were eating some homemade egg nog ice cream and molasses cookies tonight for dessert (in heaven it will be fall all the time, in case you’re wondering).  Shey had some paper out so I took a piece and made her a mad-lib and started asking her and Nigel for different parts of speech to fill it in.  So, after I read their finished product, Donny decided that he wanted  a turn writing a ‘book.’  I tried the best I could to write down word-for-word what he said.  Sometimes he got caught up in sound effects, so I did not include those, but otherwise this is a pretty accurate account of what is going on in his three year old head. Yo Ho Let’s Go was actually written second, but I think Captain America is better, so I left that for last.  Also, some things to know about Donny:

1. Yo Ho Let’s Go means Jake and the Neverland Pirates
2. He refuses to believe that Hulk is a good guy.
3. Even when we’re reading scriptures and he repeats us, we say “they” and he will repeat with “them”… (is that normal?)
4. He is obviously way too involved in syndication. He already talks in movie quotes, so I’m sure he’s related to my family!
5. He is very inspired from the things going on around him.  i.e. there was a water bottle on the table… hence, both stories talk about drinking/being thirsty.
6. I’m pretty sure that the ending of Captain America stemmed from an episode of Doctor Who and seeing the Dileks…  maybe I should stop watching that when he’s around!

Yo Ho Let’s Go
by Donovan Jack

Dora was a firefighter, and then Boots was a firefighter.  Then, Dora was going to get the tree… hard!  And then Diego come to Dora and Boots and then Diego was a firefighter.  And then Diego came and then Diego got him stuff on so him could be a firefighter.  Him got  him helmet and a thing, and it WAS a firefighter.  And then them started to go out those windows.  And then them bonked them heads.  And then them pulled them string SUPER HARD!  And then them go to Yo Ho Let’s Go and then THEM get their suits on and them will be like Dora and Boots and Diego.  And then all of them go and then there were three seats, and then them go to Word World.  And then the puppy said that him don’t want to come.  And then Duck said “I WANT TO COME!”  (him want to come).  And then the guy used him firefighters and then him shoot the pumpkin and then he moved all the people away with the pencil and then them got so thirsty… them firefighters were thirsty, too. And then them drink and shot the people away with the pencil.  And then them get batteries with this thing and them shoot away from people and then him used the batter and scoot the rope away from people, but Diego used his own, and Dora and Boots and the Duck.  That’s the beginning of the story!


Captain America
by Donovan Jack

Once upon a time, there was a Captain America.  And the Hulk smashed Captain America.  And then, Iron Man destroyed Hulk.  And then Captain America broke his head.  Then, Iron Man and Captain America destroyed Hulk again.  Then them got SO tired, and then Iron Man and Captain America were so so tired.  And then them run away from Hulk and then them run around, and then Iron Man and Captain America went out the window.  (them so funny!) And then Hulk smashed the house first.  Iron Man and Captain America wasn’t Hulk.  And then… and then… and then… them get some drink.  And then, Hulk open his head and then it was another Iron Man… (that was funny!) And then, Iron Man opened that other part and then it was yucky, and then them get out of the Hulk mess.  That’s the beginning!


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    That’s awesome!

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