One of my most favorite Christmas traditions in our home is the making of the Gingerbread Houses (yes, it deserves to be capitalized).  I go a little crazy.  But I love it.  My dream is to have enough time some December to make REAL gingerbread, but time flew this year and so once again, we were stuck with graham cracker houses instead.

This was Donny’s first year being included… he did quite well, decorating for about 5 minutes, and managing to eat enough candy that he didn’t need any dinner last night.  We were sure he would puke, but other than coming into our bed at 1:am (a little earlier than usual), there was not change to his normalness.

Shey was a trooper and hung out with me, decorating for quite a while.  She noted that hers is the house with the most candy on it.  She is right.  She was very creative and I enjoy watching her artistic side have a chance to shine.

This whole thing started when we were making houses at Jay and Sara’s house 6 years ago and Nigel and I both ended up making trees instead of houses (without knowing that was what the other was doing).  So, we always are trying to steer away from the typical house.  We’ve had a temple, nativity, trailer, dog house… can’t think of any other random ones right now.  But this year Nigel went with Santa’s sleigh.  It was pretty creative and he did quite a good job with it… utilizing the DOTS boxes was impressive if I do say so myself.

This year I got smart and I’ve been saving candy since about August.  Next year, I’ll probably start stashing with valentines day!  So, my plans started in September when I started making bricks out of melted saltwater taffy.  I knew I wanted to replicate our house, being that it is our first year here.  I didn’t end up using the bricks, but that’s okay.  I used the mini starbursts instead (which I don’t recommend for eating… there’s some textural issue that I don’t like… but they worked great for g’bread houses).

So, without further ado… here are our family’s g’bread cracker houses:


this would be our house if we had money for lights this year… we’re planning on making that purchase in the after Christmas clearance. (this year we had to buy a tree.)




Shey’s lovely masterpiece!  



Nigel’s sleigh… sorry, I probably didn’t get the very best angle in the picture.


And… saved the best for last!  What a trooper he was!  I thought it was awesome for his first try! 🙂




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  1. jackie says:

    What can I say! They are all works of love, thanks for sharing!

  2. Kathleen Fontano says:

    This slipped in and out of my emails.  I just found it now and wouldn’t have been so surprised to see these beautiful creations on Christmas if I had read your post sooner!  They are darling.  I didn’t even know that you did this as a tradition… GOOD WORK!      They truly are darling and I am so glad you tood pictures of them.

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