Okay.  So, I’m not very good at sticking to my goals.  I’m hoping I’m not alone in this….

But I decided that I’m going to share my very personal goal on here with you so that I stick to it.  You HAVE to make me stick to it!  I’m REALLY REALLY wanting to accomplish this one!  Before I explain my goal, I need to give you a bit of history:

Rewind two summers ago, June 1st.  I was throwing Amy her bridal shower that weekend.  The food was awesome, if I do say so myself.  But, irrelevant to the story… maybe.  After the party was over we were playing a little game with Jaykob, my nephew.  He was going around the room giving us all ‘nicknames’ or characters in Star Wars of sorts.  Sometimes Dan was Luke Skywalker and sometimes he was Darth Vadar.  Sometimes Amy was Leia and other times she was Chewbaka.  My character, however, never changed.  I was Jabba the Hutt.  Every time.


This was Shey’s birthday party 2 1/2 months before… I don’t know exactly what I weighted at that time, but it was probably the same give/take 5 pounds or so. I feel like it looks like the picture was distorted, like I was smooshed  shorter/fatter.  Sadly, its not.


This was Donny’s party that October, so I had lost at least the 11 pounds since June, and probably a few more since I think we started FGi8 in September.

P1020273     P1020282

Mike says it was just because it got everyone laughing, so 8 year old Jake continued to use that one over and over.  Regardless, it got a girl thinking.

My doctor had also referred to me as overweight.  I knew I was heavy, but I didn’t feel like some massive tub of lard that made people look the other way in embarrassment in the buffet line at Chuck-a-Rama.  Maybe I was, I don’t know.  Anyway, I decided to do something about it.  Since we were a month away from Amy’s wedding, I started kicking it in high gear and lost 11 pounds that month.  Then my family started competing in the Feel Great in 8 Challenge that lost me a little more weight that fall and winter.  It was all put back on rather quickly that spring, so Nigel and I did our own modified FGi8 calorie counting challenge of our own last April.  It worked pretty well… until I got pregnant.

I know I was only pregnant for 3 months this time, but it was enough to get some of that weight back on… those are the hardest months and eating was the only thing keeping the nausea away, so I continuously ate for three months.  It was great for my mouth, but not so great for the scale.  Well, as I said it was only 3 months.  Add that on top of moving to a new town with no friends and nothing to do and the depression eating began.  Welcome back even more of that weight that I worked so hard to get off.

Then, Amy said “let’s do biggest loser again in our family,” so I joined, not REALLY wanting to, but knowing I should.  So far in the last 6 1/2 weeks I’ve lost another 13 pounds!  I’m feeling awesome.  I am going to the gym 3-5 times a week, feeling the pain of working muscles I never even knew existed, and doing my favorite calorie counting weighloss plan that keeps me quite happy when I can enjoy things like Valentine’s Day with no guilt.

But here’s the thing… we end our diet in another 5 1/2 weeks.  I don’t want to end it!  I want to keep on this rush of losing and feeling good and being healthy.  So, I’m telling you… I’m not going to quit.

My goal is to have lost 50 pounds by my 2 year mark.  That gives me a little more than 3 months to lose another 12 pounds.  That’s right… I’ve lost 38 pounds so far, and I want to make it to 50.  Won’t that be awesome?!  It is a bitter sweet thought as I realize that means that I had 50 pounds to lose, but I want to feel that satisfaction of knowing I did it.  I may have had 50 pounds to lose, but I lost it.  I worked hard and I accomplished what I thought two summers ago was impossible.

I also know that losing/gaining weight is a forever struggle that I will battle with my whole life.  And that’s okay.  I understand.  I am wanting to make healthier choices and teach my kids to make healthier choices so that maybe they won’t have the same struggles I went through, but even if they do they will know that if they’re trying to be good to their bodies it doesn’t matter what their shape/size is.



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  1. Nova Keller says:

    You totally make me laugh!! I feel ya. The doctor wrote in his notes that I was obese. I know I am fat but really…do we need to say obese?!? I was doing really well and then I always seem to fall off the wagon and then it is hard to get back on. Good luck! You were smoking hot at our last get together and I can tell you have been working hard!

  2. Kathy Fontano says:

    Good work Laura…38# is amazing and 50# will be even more amazing! I am so proud of you cause I know it ain’t easy! MOM

  3. bloomiesblog says:

    I agree, Nova… Obese is such a harsh word! I am barely under the ‘obese’ limits now according to BMI. I would rather think positive and see myself as an apple… or an apple pie. Or an apple turnover… I’m hungry.

  4. jaclyn bloomfield says:

    Having spent my whole life as morbidly obese, and still in that same area, I came to understand that I wanted to feel positive about myself. It wasn’t the numbers on the scale. I struggle hourly with food. I wanted a better relationship with food.
    One day, (once upon a time)… I read an article in the June 2011 Ensign “I Desperately Wanted to Stop”. Now, I have no desires to view porn, I see naked bodies daily at work, they do nothing for me, other than reiterate that we are children of a loving Heavenly Father who has housed us in these bodies that can do so much. The person in the article learned they needed to remove their computer from the home and many other lessons. I learned I needed to rid our home of my addictions. Unhealthy food.
    It has made all the difference. I’m still morbidly obese. I have control over what comes in my home to eat. I stay away from situations that I know are dangerous for me.
    AARP helps too. Its a program for anyone that struggles with getting control in their life over any situation. Food is an interesting addiction. Unlike porn, alcohol, smoking, those are things people can quit. We need to eat every so many hours. I talked with many alcoholics and they mention that when they are in a situation where alcohol is, and they feel tempted, they get away. I have learned to do the same with food.
    Its liberating to know I can do that! I know you have the abilities to move forward and feel better about yourself, no matter what those numbers are!
    Take care, be nice to yourself! Looking forward to seeing you and your family soon,
    love, jackie

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