My annual marathon week is over once again!  I’m pretty sure that Birthday week is much more stressful than Christmas and Halloween and Thanksgiving combined.  I was quite cranky on my birthday and I think that it was because I felt like my kids should be wonderfully perfect for my special day, as I had just spent months creating the perfect day for them.  They, of course, were not compliant to this idea and were rather ornery themselves, which caused for a not-as-relaxing-as-I-had-hoped-for dinner at The Grille, which is the restaurant in our local bowling alley.  Okay, so it is just connected to our local bowling alley, but it took us six months to try it because of that fact, but have now been there three times in the last month because they have stinkin’ delicious food.  And, I was grateful that I didn’t have to clean or cook anything, so it was probably more relaxing than I give it credit for being.

I’m going to share backwards, since I already am, of how our Bloomfield girls’ birthday weekend went.  As mentioned, we ate at The Grille for my dinner.  I got the Petite order of ribs, which I love and only splurge on ordering for a special occasion.  As I got my salad, roll, broccoli, baked potato, and four of the biggest, most massive and delicious ribs, I was quite content that I didn’t order anything larger than that!  I didn’t even finish half of my food, which I don’t think normally happens when you order “petite” but I was okay with it!  After dinner we went home and opened my new steam mop from Nigel and Shey made me chocolate peanut butter cupcakes that were DELICIOUS.  Okay, so she had a lot of help from me, but it was the thought that counted.  And they were amazingly wonderful.


P1030529     P1030528 P1030527     P1030523

Earlier that day, I had planned a bit of a party for myself in SLC with some friends from U of U.  It was such a wonderful day and I was so grateful for everyone who came and just hung out with me.  It was a much needed friend time. Plus, I got sushi for lunch! 🙂

I have been surprised for the last week or so with cards and letters and emails from friends… apparently Nigel went behind my back and asked some people to write me a note.  It was a very humbling and tender gift and I am so grateful for him for doing that for me.  Thank you to those of you who wrote notes.  You will never know how much they mean to me and I plan on keeping them forever (which, if you know me, you know I don’t keep ANYTHING, so consider that as a very big thank you!).

I think that was it for my birthday.  It was a wonderful birthday and one that I will never forget, even if my kids weren’t perfect angels! 🙂

Sunday was my darling 8 year old’s birthday.


Oh, Sheylani… she is amazing and sweet and brilliant.  She is talented and artistic.  She makes cards for EVERYONE, and I really mean EVERYONE!  She went to the Scheels store the other day and took a thank you card to them that she had drawn for letting her come spend a day there.  She drew a picture for her zumba teacher last week and for her primary teachers this week.  She cracks me up and I’m glad that she is not embarrassed to share her talents with others.  I really, really hope that she can continue to develop those talents and keep sharing them with others.

We had some pink sprinkle pancakes for breakfast before church.  Shey got an 8 and Donny, of course, got an Olaf (attempt!).

P1030511  P1030513

We had tacos for dinner and leftover cake and ice cream cups from the birthday party.  She was very happy for tacos and chocolate cake.

P1030516  P1030517

This made me think of when she was little and lining up shoes or dolls or whatever she could find… apparently at 8 she still has this desire.


(gotta throw one in of this kid… he was ready to be back to the center of attention by the end of birthday weekend!)

We are so excited for her baptism, and Sunday afternoon she had to meet with the bishop to have her interview.  She was scared to death to meet with him ??? but we are on track and she is excited to be baptized.

Saturday was the big event, of course.  The Frozen Birthday party that just about killed me! 🙂  Really, I quite enjoy the party planning.  I was reading an amazing blog post today about being the best mom for your kids, and I hope others don’t look at this and think I think I’m awesome or think I expect all moms to do this.  Honestly, I don’t care and I don’t wish this amount of work on anyone!  I love the project, though.  It is just as much for me as it is for her. But here are pictures of our wonderful event:


The whole reason we chose Frozen for the theme is because it would give us an excuse to make snow cones! 🙂


The food table… elsa’s snowman pizza, sven’s carrots, anna’s chocolate strawberries, marshmallow’s mallows, and melted snowman waters. With, of course, our Olaf cake.
*I need someone to teach me someday how to present a table like this to make it look awesome (if you have that talent, let me know! I’m not kidding).  But, for our minimal party budget and my minimal displaying skills, I think it was successful enough for the 8 year olds! 🙂


Here you can see the table and the banner and the hanging snowflakes in the basement, which is where most of the party happened.


The birthday girl… in her Frozen-appropriate attire!


Singing Happy Birthday.


This was our crew.  It was a fun group of kids and I think they all had a blast.


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  1. Shauna Norton says:

    Holy birthdays!! How fun!! I too love the Grille. I’m sorry you waited so long to try it! It’s so good! So glad your birthday turned out fun. We should have done lunch. Okay we still should! Shey’s party turned out super cute!! You did a great job! I’m so excited for her to be joining our Activity Days! We have a fun group. Wild and crazy!!

  2. jaclyn bloomfield says:

    WOW!! Your creative talents shine on these parties! Looks like you all had a wonderful time, thanks for sharing!

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