Are kids considered “other afflictions?”

I have not been sleeping well this week.  Well, Donny hasn’t been sleeping well, which means I don’t sleep.  The result of this has been two lazy days in a row, with the potential for a third one. Last night, I told Donny that he HAD to sleep in his bed, that he couldn’t come into mine, that if he needed me I would come to his bed, but neither of us could survive another ‘angry mommy’ day like yesterday…  I needed some sleep!

He woke up at 2:30 last night.  While I laid in his bed with him there was a crash downstairs.  I was freaked out that someone was in our house.  So, after getting him back to sleep and going to the bathroom since I almost peed my pants, I went downstairs to see what had caused the commotion.  (*Maybe most women would have woken up their husbands to do this… no, my husband makes me sleep closest to the door for a reason.  love you, Nigel.)  ANYWAY, I go downstairs to find my cake plate broken in half, with Nigel’s left over birthday cake divided between the two halves.  It was the weirdest thing ever.  It was not a heavy cake, and I hadn’t noticed any cracks or anything in the plate.  I don’t know how it happened or why.  But I was sad.  And then I was grateful it hadn’t happened when Olaf was on it a few weeks ago.

I did not take a picture last night, I just got the cake onto a normal plate and went back to bed, but here is the cake plate this morning:


And while I’m at it, here are pictures from Nigel’s birthday…P1030556



This is, sadly, the fanciest cake I’ve made for Nigel since we’ve had kids.  (Shey kind of stole our birthday thunder) But, I made him a chocolate cake with Ande’s mints in the middle and top.  Donny was sure that Dad wouldn’t like the ‘flowers’ on top, but Nigel said they were okay since they were holding mints.  Of course, Nigel scraped his ‘flower’ off to give it to me, which is why I love him. 🙂


Maybe the heat from all those candles caused it to break!?!


I love the smoke in this picture!



ANYWAY, what I’m trying to say is that my night was STILL not event-free, so my hopes of getting a good nights rest were (dare I say) “SHATTERED.”  Sorry, I do have a bit of my dad in me.  Anyway, this morning I went to help with the Relief Society at the Assisted Living Center here in town.  As we were in prayer meeting before Relief Society started, the RS President talked to us about how we would be blessed for our efforts in coming today.  Then, as her counselor gave the prayer, she blessed those of us who were sick or otherwise afflicted that we would have the energy to do the things we wanted to do today.

I don’t think that it is coincidence that I have had amazing energy today, despite not sleeping well again last night.  I have been able to clean my bathrooms, clean my kitchen, empty my garbages, sweep/mop my floor, run a load of laundry, and even force my electronically-addicted three year old to paint/color/sticker a picture.  I’ve been blessed because of my service and I have been grateful for the things that I learned while being in that meeting today.  It made me think of Nigel’s last blog post.  I hate having a messy house, and I hate feeling lazy… I have felt so much better today to just be moving, and have been grateful for this small blessing, or tender mercy, that I have been given today, and I wanted to acknowledge that I have been blessed by my loving Heavenly Father today, as I am always.


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  1. MOM says:

    Enjoyed your comments… sorry you broke the cake plate – did the lid break too? It must have been meant to be although I have no idea why or how either… Oh well, perhaps you over used it with 3 birthdays within a couple of weeks. The cake was amazing by the why. Perhaps it was the weight of the candles!
    Thanks for leading me to Nigel’s blog… he has an amazing gift for expressing tender and spiritual insights. I learned good things both from him and about him.
    You are both wonderful… MOM

  2. jaclyn bloomfield says:

    Im convinced that part of being a child is to keep your parents awake at night to see how they can function on the least amt of sleep! I dont think any of our children slept through the night until they were age 4. Most of the time I found them sleeping in the hall on the floor in the mornings. Whatever worked for them, I was fine with.
    I like Pres. Hollands remark one time. Something to the effect of our children succeeding in spite of us as parents, or better yet, because of us as parents.
    I know its by the grace of God, after doing all we can, that we all make it!
    Keep doing your best,

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