We have had a great summer, and it bitter-sweetly came to an end yesterday.  I have to say, though, that this was my first experience as a “Oh, good! School is back in!” mom.  Yep, it took until third grade before my day was just relief and not stress…

Kindgergarten… you’re not human if you don’t cry when your first born baby is all grown up and flies a little bit out of the nest.

First Grade… even worse!  All day?!  I was a wreck!

Second Grade… new town, new school… I think this was the worst of all, and lasted probably a week rather than just the first day.

Third Grade… ahhhh!  Just dropped the kid off at the door.  Didn’t go in, didn’t take pictures in front of the school, didn’t stress about the teacher.  It was SO NICE!  And unless we move again in the next few years, I have two more years before I have to start the emotions all over again with Donny going into kindergarten.

So, here are some pictures of our awesome summer, from start to finish:


Donny won second place in his age group for the reading contest at the library… he had over 1800 pages read to him in one week!


Happy boy with his sprinkler prize!


Shey won first place in her age group… with I think over 2400 pages that she read.  (And no, they were not even close to the top readers!  I don’t know how, since Shey did not stop reading the whole week!)


Shey with her prize


This was supposed to be outside, but it was one of many freezing cold summer days to come!  It was still a fun prize ceremony… we love our library!


I snuck a pic of Shey (in her messy room) reading a book… I love that she actually uses her little reading nook window sill.


This was the day we found out that we’re having Baby Violet Mae (and not Baby Charlie Kaizen)… Donny was disappointed at first, and kept his hopes up by thinking that maybe the baby in dad’s tummy would be a boy, but he has warmed up to the idea of having a little sister, and is excited to be a big brother someday.  Obviously Shey was ecstatic about the news! FINALLY another girl!


“The Tower!”  built with all the blocks, I think…and separated (mostly) into color.  They were pretty impressed with themselves!


And another creation that required taking a picture of.  They love these smart-links from Wendy’s!


Yay for cousins and Aunt Amy!  Happy Fourth of July, cute girls!


Donny got super hero popsicles when Shey went to her cousins’ house for a week.  Totally worth staying home and hanging out with mom all day!


Ogden Temple open house…


Love this pic of these two.  We thought it would be this amazing experience, and they were SO excited that they would actually get to go inside a temple even though they were just kids (I was kind of surpirsed that they even recognized that it was a unique experience)… when it was over, they said they liked the water the best of all.  So much for being a memorable spiritual moment! Oh well…  it was still awesome to take Shey through and talk to her about everything.  And she did say that she wanted to get married in that temple, so that was a proud mama moment.


I can’t believe the transformation of this temple!  And it only took Donny’s whole life to date to finish the renovations!

*Before I go on, I have to explain the N*Sync title of this post… while driving to Reno we were playing a game in the car where we’d say “this next song is what grandma says to grandpa” or “this next song is what Donny sings in the shower” etc etc etc and then we’d change the radio station to see what song was playing.  So, the two best ones were “this next song is what Baby Sammy sings in Amy’s tummy” and the lyrics were something about searching for answers and ‘this is not where I belong’… and then the other one was “this next song is what Grandpa sings while he’s going potty.” Hey, don’t judge… I have a three year old boy.  Everything is potty humor, not by my choice, but it keeps him entertained. Anyway, the song was “Bye Bye Bye” by N*Sync, and the kids just thought that was the funniest thing EVER!!!  So, that has been the joke in our house the last few weeks.  I think Shey even emailed Grandpa to ask him to sing that song every time he went potty, although I don’t think she gave him an explanation as to why he should… we’ll have to clarify that when we see them this weekend. ANYWAY… back to the photo-parade…


Okay, this is the start of our family vacation to Reno… had to go to Awful Awful as our first stop.  Donny surprisingly didn’t want a cheeseburger, though… he ordered a little pizza instead, and thought I needed to document it since I took a pic of Shey with her Awful Awful burger.


This thing was seriously the size of her head!  I will admit that it isn’t quite the same as going at midnight with your college roommates, but it was still fun.


The boys 🙂


…and the girls!


The iconic Reno sign… had to get a shot by the sign now that we’re just tourists!


We stayed in Circus Circus… it worked out well for us, and the kids enjoyed it.


Donny painting on the window at the Discovery Museum in Reno… this place was awesome!  We only spent 3 1/2 hours there, but could have spent about 3 1/2 more!  Seriously the coolest part of our trip.


And Shey painting Rainbow Dash over a cloud, with a target???  This was seriously only one of a thousand hands-on activities for the kids to do here.


This was our “fancy night” at Cheesecake Factory.


Girls team, once again.


Donny would not look for the photo because he didn’t know the person who was taking the picture for us… I guess I should be happy that my kid somewhat knows stranger danger, but it was obnoxious at the moment!  Oh, well!


Shey got her ears pierced this summer.  It is still the topic of MOST conversations in our house.  This was the first day she got to change out her earrings… she has felt so girly and grown up since getting them, I think.  I’m glad she loves them… it makes it worth it to me to see her so happy.


We fed the missionaries on Monday this week… this was my pizza that I made, and felt like it was pretty impressive if I do say so myself.  I’m getting better at this! I started making pizza last summer when we moved here, and I’ve gone from just making rectangle whole cookie sheet filled ones to very oval awkward shaped ones, to this… the missionaries thought I bought it, so I took that as a compliment! 🙂


And my baby girl… all grown up and headed off for her first day of third grade!  She had a lot to tell me when she got home, and I think it’s going to be a great year for her.



Donny really wanted to go to school, too.  He was feeling a bit left out, I think.  He was up and dressed with backpack and all before I even woke up!  Luckily, he will start doing a once a week preschool with some church friends starting next week, and I’m going to try to put him in a gymnastics class, too, pretty soon.  Hopefully those will be good enough for now!

I’m really looking forward to fall and have about a million projects between Donny’s birthday party, Halloween, and Baby Violet Mae on her way… I plan on keeping busy for the next 12 weeks so I can just enjoy life with a newborn after that!


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  1. bloomygirl says:

    Great post i love the pictures and stories! I hope Shey has an awesome year and good luck to Donny with gymnastics, he’ll probably love it!

  2. jackie says:

    Thanks for sharing. Love the pictures! Looks like a fun summer. Congrats to Shey and Donovan for reading so much. Laura, that is a beautiful pizza!
    love jackie

  3. MOM says:

    I love these blog-spots… amazing that you can keep such a great journal of your family full of pictures and special occasions. Thanks for letting us get a glimpse of the Bloomfields and their wonderful life.

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