It has been quite an eventful few months, though not really eventful at all. We did get a little snow in November… I was surprised at how much Donny LOVED the snow.  He woke me up in the morning being fully dressed and ready to go outside.  It was adorable to watch him walk around in the back yard, using his sandbox toys to play in the snow, or just explore the cold.  I cannot relate to this at all, so I’m guessing its the boy in him.  He is too cute! I have taken up crocheting recently, and he told me he wanted a monster hat.  Thank goodness for YouTube or I wouldn’t be able to comply to his request!P1030840 I would say that my world was turned literally upside down on Nov 24th.  Days and nights were flipped as Violet Mae came charging into our life.  She was a whopping 7 lbs 11 oz and 20 inches long. Here is me right before she came, feeling quite large and in charge:P1030845 P1030849 P1030857 These two cannot get enough of their little sister!  They love her so much!  Donny worries when I drop him off at school that I won’t know how to take care of her myself.  (somehow, I’ve been able to manage thus far)P1030863 P1030871 This is our sweet Violet on ‘going home day.’  I was Strep-B positive, so we had to stay for two days.  But I was so glad to get home to the rest of the fam and in my own bed!P1030886 This gorgeous pecan pie was given to me by my friend Cammie.  Isn’t it beautiful?!  Between her and our other friends, the Bodreros, we had a full Thanksgiving feast despite the homecoming just the day before!P1030890 P1030894 P1030897 This was our FHE lesson about donuts… being grateful for what you have and not worrying about the little bit you didn’t get (missing the hole in the middle of the donut).  We had a few traditions that we didn’t quite keep this year for Christmas because of our addition, so I wanted the kids to focus on the things we were able to do and the gifts we were able to give and receive instead of focusing on what we were missing out on.  All in all, I think we got most of the traditions covered anyway, just had to adjust a few. *As far as Donny’s dress…??? he thinks he is hilarious when he comes down in Shey’s clothes. I REALLY hope he grows out of this stuff someday, although he makes us laugh for now!P1030923 We had Parent’s Day at gymnastics so I got to go watch Donny’s awesomeness for the first time… he’s a natural! 🙂P1030931 P1030932 P1030938 Grandma & Grandpa and Amy & Sammy got to come visit the week after Violet was born.  Sam, 6 1/2 weeks older, was literally/exactly twice her size!  They are too cute!P1030974 Oh, and the kids got to go swimming at G’ma&G’pa’s hotel.  They love any excuse to get in the water!P1030975 P1030977 P1030980 We went to see Santa the Monday before Christmas… had to fit it in last second!… down in Ogden.  It was freezing cold, but well worth the wait!  Santa was awesome and my kids loved seeing him.  They kept warm during the wait by dancing around… of course!P1030988 Oh, yeah… maybe it was bitter cold because I forgot a jacket! Brilliant. Violet stayed toasty warm in her snowsuit and snuggled up to me, though!P1030989 P1030990 P1030992I picked Thai food after Santa… it was delicious as always!  P1030993
This was Violet on Christmas Eve… four weeks and one day old!  She is growing so fast!


P1040002 P1040006 Christmas Jammies on Christmas Eve.  I know I’m a little bias, but I’m pretty sure these are the cutest kids I’ve ever seen! 🙂P1040008 P1040015 Christmas morning… stockings!P1040017 P1040018 New pacifier from Uncle Mike and Aunt Liana…P1040020 Oh, Donny.  He cracks me up!  I didn’t get the full effect shot with his monster slippers, too, but you can see them in the pic below this one…P1040021 Shooting close-range at his puppy (named Break)… should I be worried?!P1040022 Carmel Apple Bar for lunch.  Donny wasn’t too interested, but the rest of us had fun!  It was a pinterest idea that didn’t quite meet my expectations since caramel doesn’t stick to the inside part of an apple, so it was messier than I expected, but still tasted delicious, so can’t complain too much! 🙂P1040024*Insert baby blessing weekend here.  I forgot my camera at home!  So, we have no pictures of the day besides what is on my dad’s camera.  I will eventually have to get them from him I guess.  But, below is my SIX WEEK OLD!  Six weeks can go by so fast when you don’t sleep at all!  She is a crier/screamer, for sure, but we love her.  She is just starting to smile a little bit.  We can’t always get it out of her, but she is getting there, and we are all constantly in her face trying to claim one!
P1040026 P1040027


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We are a family of best friends. And this is a little bit of our story.

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  1. MOM says:

    Oh Laura, I loved reading and viewing this. What a wonderful family history you are creating! You and Nigel are such wonderful parents and of course you have the cutest kids ever!!! (Not that I am biased either).

  2. jackie says:

    Great pictures, how fun for you all, and blessed to have a wonderful family!

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